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Military Wallpaper Pack

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50 Wonderful Digital Art HQ Wallpapers

50 Wonderful Digital Art HQ Wallpapers
JPG | 50 | 1280x102



HD Wallpapers Pack

                                                   356 JPG | 840x1024 - 1600x2560



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Mac Format - August 2011 (HQ PDF)

Mac Format - August 2011 (HQ PDF)
English | 132 pages | HQ PDF



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Lynda.com - Analyzing Your Web Site to Improve SEO with Peter Kent

In this course, SEO expert Peter Kent walks step-by-step through the process of reviewing the content and markup of an existing web site to improve its ranking in search engine results. This course offers a consultant's take on how to analyze each component—from keywords to content to code—and determine what improvements are necessary to become more visible to search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google.
* Understanding why indexing is important
* Using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool
* Dealing with frames, iframes, and popups
* Creating SEO-friendly URLs
* Using meta tags
* Clearing source code clutter
* Building links within the site
* Reviewing page content
* Building and submitting HTML and XML sitemaps
* Getting linked to from other sites


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NetTuts - The 11 javascript Mistakes You're Making

Javascript is relatively easy to learn. However, gotchas abound in this tricky language. Are you sure that you’re not following any bad practices? Today, I’ll point out ten big mistakes you could be making. This purchase includes a full written tutorial, as well as an in depth video overview of each mistake.
 http://www.filesonic.in/file/1421827524         Part-1
 http://www.filesonic.com/file/1421767494         Part-2
http://www.wupload.com/file/52414208          Part-1
http://www.wupload.com/file/52414669          Part-2


JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook

The javascript & DHTML Cookbook is all about adding value to the content of a web page. The book focuses on practical and sensible applications of scripting, rather than flying images and gratuitous color changes. For every problem Goodman addresses, there's a solution or "recipe"--a focused piece of code that web developers can insert directly into their applications. Yet, rather than just cut-and-paste code, you also get explanations of how and why the code works, so you can learn to adapt the problem-solving techniques to your designs.

The recipes range from simple tasks, such as manipulating strings and validating dates in javascript, to entire libraries that demonstrate complex tasks, such as cross-browser positioning of HTML elements and sorting tables. This book contains over 150 recipes on the following topics:
• Working with interactive forms and style sheets
• Presenting user-friendly page navigation
• Creating dynamic content
• Producing visual effects for stationary content
• Positioning HTML elements
• Managing browser windows and multiple frames
This book is the ideal companion to O'Reilly's javascript: The Definitive Guide and Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference. If you own either of these books, the javascript & DHTML Cookbook is a must.



Monday, July 11, 2011

Java All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies

• Eight minibooks comprising nearly 900 pages give developers the tips and techniques they need to get up and running on the new J2SE 6 (Java Standard Edition 6) and JDK 6 (Java Development Kit 6)
• This friendly, all-inclusive reference delivers the lowdown on Java language and syntax fundamentals as well as Java server-side programming, with explanations, reference information, and how-to instructions for both beginning and intermediate-to-advanced programmers
• Minibooks cover Java basics; programming basics; strings, arrays, and collections; programming techniques; Swing; Web programming; files and databases; and fun and games
Nine minibooks filling more than 800 pages provide the world's five million-plus Java developers with a basic all-in-one programming reference Covers the recent release of the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0 and the new J2SE Development Kit 5.0 Starts with beginner topics including getting started with Java, using the Java development platform, and Web programming Expands into more advanced Java fundamentals such as object-oriented programming, working with arrays and collections, and creating user interfaces with Swing


OCP Java SE 6 Programmer Practice Exams (Exam 310-065)

Do not Let the Real Test Be Your First Test!

Written by two of the lead developers of the Java SE Programmer Exam, OCP Java SE 6 Programmer Practice Exams is filled with more than 260 realistic practice questions to prepare you for this challenging exam. To help you understand this material, in depth explanations of both the correct and incorrect answers are included for every question.

Covers all OCP Java SE 6 Programmer exam topics, including:

Declarations and Access Control
Object Orientation
Flow Control, Exceptions, and Assertions
Strings, I/O, Formatting, and Parsing
Generics and Collections
Inner Classes


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Murach's Java Servlets and JSP, 2nd Edition

This new edition of Murach's Java Servlets and JSP makes it easier than ever for Java developers to master web programming. It starts by showing how to install and use Tomcat as a web server and NetBeans as an IDE. Then, it teaches how and when to use JavaServer Pages and Java servlets to build well-structured web applications that implement the MVC pattern. Next, it shows how to use sessions, cookies, JavaBeans, Expression Language (EL), the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL), and custom tags. Then, it shows how to use JDBC and connection pooling to work with a MySQL database. Finally, it shows how to use JavaMail, SSL/TLS, authentication, listeners, and filters. These are the skills that you need to build professional Java web applications. A great read for any Java developer.



Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE Study Guide, 2nd Edition

Understanding system architecture and its goals
Decomposing larger systems into components organized by tiers or layers
Addressing requirements for scalability, maintainability, reliability, availability, extensibility, performance, and security
Building effective web (presentation) tiers, and analyzing tradeoffs associated with using web frameworks
Leveraging EJB 3s enhancements for business tier development
Covering new enhancements in the JEE 5 platform
Choosing and architecting the best integration and messaging components for your system
Using the Java security model to enforce confidentiality, integrity, authorization, authentication, and non repudiation
Using the most powerful and useful Java EE architecture patterns
Documenting Java EE architectures through visual models and narratives

The authors also present detailed guidance for handling every element of the SCEA exam including your development and defense of a complete real world architectural solution.



Java The Complete Reference, 7th Edition

In this comprehensive resource, top selling programming author Herbert Schildt shows you everything you need to develop, compile, debug, and run Java programs. This expert guide has been updated for Java Platform Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6) and offers complete coverage of the Java language, its syntax, keywords, and fundamental programming principles.

You will also find information on Javas key API libraries, learn to create applets and servlets, and use JavaBeans. Herb has even included expanded coverage of Swing–the toolkit that defines the look and feel of the modern Java GUI. Essential for every Java programmer, this lasting resource features the clear, crisp, uncompromising style that has made Herb the choice of millions of programmers worldwide.
Coverage includes:

Data types and operators
Control statements
Classes and objects
Constructors and methods
Interfaces and packages
Method overloading and overriding
Exception handling
The enhanced for loop
Varargs (variable length arguments)
The I/O classes
The Collections Framework
Applets and servlets
AWT and layout managers
The Concurrent API
Much, much more



From Java to C#

This book introduces programmers, already familiar with object-oriented programming, to the C# programming language. It reviews basic object-oriented concepts when C# implementations are discussed. The book begins by discussing the nuts and bolts of C# before delving into the area of the .Net libraries of code. It then moves on to show how GUI programs are created, and how to populate them with graphics. Advanced topics such as networking, using C# to interface with databases, and using C# with ASP to produce interactive Web pages, are covered at the end of the book.



Ajax on Java

This practical guide shows you how to make your Java web applications more responsive and dynamic by incorporating new Ajaxian features, including suggestion lists, drag and drop, and more. Java developers can choose between many different ways of incorporating Ajax, from building javascript into your applications by hand to using the new Google Web Toolkit (GWT).
Ajax on Java starts with an introduction to Ajax, showing you how to write some basic applications that use client side javascript to request information from a Java servlet and display it without doing a full page reload. It also presents several strategies for communicating between the client and the server, including sending raw data, and using XML or JSON (javascript Object Notation) for sending more complex collections of data.



ASP.NET 4.0 in Practice

ASP.NET 4.0 in Practice contains over 100 real world techniques distilled from the experience of a team of MVPs. Using a practical problem-solution-discussion format, the book will guide you through the most common scenarios you will face in a typical ASP.NET application, and provide solutions and suggestions to take your applications to another level.
ASP.NET is an established technology to build web applications using Microsoft products. It drives a number of enterprise-level web sites around the world, but it can be scaled for projects of any size. The new version 4.0 is an evolutionary step: you will find a lot of new features that you will be able to leverage to build better web applications with minimal effort. ASP.NET is a massive framework that requires a large amount of know-how from developers. Fortunately, this book distills over 100 practical ASP.NET techniques from the experience of a team of MVPs, and puts them right at your fingertips. The techniques are tested and selected for their usefulness, and they are all presented in a simple problem-solution-discussion format. You'll discover methods for key new subjects like data integration with Entity Framework and ASP.NET MVC. Along the way, you'll also find ways to make your applications fast and secure. Who Should Read It This book is written for developers familiar with the basics of ASP.NET, looking to become more productive with it. What's Inside The Identity Map pattern in EF 4 Use Master Pages to defi ne a common UI Adaptive Rendering Save user login data securely … and much more

ASP.NET AJAX in Action

Ajax has revolutionized the way users interact with web pages today. Gone are frustrating page refreshes, lost scroll positions and intermittent interaction with a web site. Instead, we have a new generation of fast, rich, and more intuitive web applications. The ASP.NET AJAX framework puts the power of Ajax into the hands of web developers. 

If you are a web developer looking to bring your web pages to life and to enhance the user experience, this book is for you.

ASP.NET AJAX in Action will give you with the knowledge and tools youneed to more easily craft the next generation of Ajax applications. With the help of the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX framework, Ajax development has never been easier and more instinctive for both client script developers and ASP.NET developers alike.


Template Monster 10610



Template Monster 10400

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MojoThemes – RealSpot – Unique Real Estate HTML Template

RealSpot is a clean and unique html template for real estate website. It come with an big slider on home page, 8 html page template, a built-in contact form and 5 color schemes.


FlashMint 2186 Real estate flash template

FlashMint 2186 Real estate flash template
FLA | SWF | Fonts

Template Monster 12254



ThemeForest – HomePlus HTML Template

A Real Estate template with a miniminal modern type of template which comes in 12 different jquery effects, easy to use and easy to manage. This template also composed of 13 HTML pages and 10 CSS Files with different features.

HomePlus Theme Features

  • Conform W3C Standard
  • Includes 18 PSD Files
  • Major Browser Compatibility (Chrome, FF, Safari, Opera and IE8 & 9)
  • Uses CSS2 and CSS3
  • @Font Face
  • Includes 13 HTML and 10 CSS Files
  • custom jquery effect
  • jquery Image rotator
  • jquery Fancybox
  • jquery gallery filterable
  • jquery hover effect
  • jquery datepicker
  • jquery modal
  • jquery scrolltop
  • jquery superfish menu
  • jquery style switch
  • jquery tooltip
  • jquery custom selectbox
  • jquery form validator


Real Estate Website Template



Real Estate Website Template

javascript-Animated Full Site CSS template


C# Programming Language (Covering C# 4.0)

The popular C# programming language combines the high productivity of rapid application development languages with the raw power of C and C++. Updated to cover the new features of C# 4.0, including dynamic binding, named and optional parameters, and covariant and contravariant generic types, this release takes the language to the next level by adding the ability to cleanly write programs that don’t rely on static type definitions. This allows dynamic programming languages such as Python, Ruby, and javascript to feel native to C#. The C# Programming Language, Fourth Edition, continues to be the authoritative and annotated technical reference for C# 4.0.



13 New Clone Scripts 2011

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Template Monster 10403

30 Flash Template Enableb Formatlantis V1

30 Flash Template Enableb Formatlantis V1
30 Template | FLA | HTML | PSD | Fonts

Prestashop Template (MobileStore)

Prestashop template is a theme for Prestashop e-commerce solution. It provides you with vast variety of customization opportunities and allows you to create an online store that fully meet your needs.
PrestaShop is an e-commerce solution which is free for the basic kernel and open source. It supports payment gateways such as Google checkout, paypal or payments pro via APIs.
PrestaShop is available under the Open Software License and officially launched in August 2007 for small to medium-sized businesses. The software, which is based on the Smarty template engine, is used by several thousands of shops worldwide.


CC - JavaScript Animated Counter

Simple, animated javascript counter, which will allow You to present rapidly increased or decreased values, such as number of registered users, total income etc. But that’s not all… this counter can be also used as a text or date & time displayer or as a clock. It can be also used as a countdown, to show time left for the beginning of a product release campaign or a sale start.

Template Monster 10334

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Microsoft Office 2010 In Depth

Office 2010 In Depth is the beyond the basics, beneath the surface guide for everyone who wants to streamline their work with Office 2010, and get more done in less time. Best selling technology expert Joe Habraken provides specific, tested, proven solutions to the problems Office users run into every day: challenges other books ignore or oversimplify.


Template Monster 10133

Template Monster 10113

Template Monster 10061

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Template Monster 11825

Template Monster 11404

School Education web templates

ASA Early Childhood Education web templates

ASA Early Childhood Education web templates


ASA ACADEMY Korean Web Templates

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