Tuesday, September 8, 2009

838 Designers Fonts Collection

Sports Font Pack - 50 fonts
Pixel Font Pack - 127 fonts
Lovely Font Pack - 38 fonts
Handwritten Font Pack - 197 fonts
Foreign Look Font Pack - 206 fonts
Fire & Ice Font Pack - 18 fonts
Farsi Font Pack - 86 fonts
Christmas Font Pack - 46 fonts
Arabic Font Pack - 74 fonts



Microsoft Windows Server 2008: The Complete Reference

Your Definitive Resource on Microsoft Windows Server 2008
“Build your network the right way with expert advice! This book provides real-world help in implementing Windows Server 2008 with attention to the use of virtualization solutions covering all you need to know in one well-written guide to success.” –Bob Kelly, AppDeploy.com and Technical Reviewer

Plan, set up, and administer a powerful, scalable Microsoft Windows Server 2008 environment. Featuring detailed explanations, best practices, pragmatic checklists, and real-world implementation examples, this comprehensive resource shows you how to deploy, manage, and secure WS08 on enterprise networks of all sizes.
Microsoft Windows Server 2008: The Complete Reference explains how to develop migration plans and transition to WS08, configure AD and Internet services, handle print and Web servers, and work with resource pools and network delegation rights. You’ll get full coverage of the latest virtualization techniques, OU strategies, remote administration features, and storage maintenance utilities. Find out how to tune performance, deploy bulletproof security, create reliable system backups, and design failsafe disaster recovery plans. You’ll also learn to rely on resource pools and virtual service offerings to create the very best Windows infrastructure implementation.
*Migrate legacy networks to a Windows Server 2008-based infrastructure
*Configure ADDS, User Services, DNS, DHCP, and IIS7
*Set up the Network and Build Network Infrastructure Servers
*Use Server Core to run the Hyper-V role on host servers
*Design user and computer Group Policy strategies, network delegation rights, and OU strategies
*Manage file, print, application, terminal, Web, and collaboration servers as virtual service offerings
*Administer WS08 from the MMC, PowerShell, desktop, and command line
*Optimize redundancy using Windows Clustering Services and NLB on both host and virtual machines
*Secure WS08 using the Castle Defense System, BitLocker, Kerberos, EFS, PKI, smart cards, and biometrics
*Back up and restore data using WBAdmin.exe, the Volume Shadow Copy service, and the Recovery Wizard
*Rely on the most up-to-date task list to create a complete administration plan once the network is deployed

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Core Java Volume I–Fundamentals (8th Edition)

Core Java(TM), Volume I Fundamentals (8th Edition)
By Cay S. Horstmann,&nbspGary Cornell,

* Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
* Number Of Pages: 864
* Publication Date: 2007-09-11
* Sales Rank: 15617
* ISBN / ASIN: 0132354764
* EAN: 9780132354769
* Binding: Paperback
* Manufacturer:
* Studio: Prentice Hall PTR Book Description:

This revised edition of the classic Core Java, Volume I Fundamentals, is the definitive guide to Java for serious programmers who want to put Java to work on real projects.

Fully updated for the new Java SE 6 platform, this no-nonsense tutorial and reliable reference illuminates the most important language and library features with thoroughly tested real-world examples. The example programs have been carefully crafted to be easy to understand as well as useful in practice, so you can rely on them as an outstanding starting point for your own code.

Volume I is designed to quickly bring you up to speed on what’s new in Java SE 6 and to help you make the transition as efficiently as possible, whether you’re upgrading from an earlier version of Java or migrating from another language. The authors concentrate on the fundamental concepts of the Java language, along with the basics of user-interface programming. You’ll find detailed, insightful coverage of

*Java fundamentals
*Object-oriented programming
*Interfaces and inner classes
*Reflection and proxies
*The event listener model
* GUI programming with Swing
* Packaging applications
* Exception handling
* Logging and debugging
* Generic programming
* The collections framework
* Concurrency



Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daemon Tools Pro Advanced 4.35.0306 Full

Best product for optical media emulation. All DAEMON Tools features are now available in one solution — DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced.Create new images or edit existing ones with easy tool - Image Editor. Run it directly from DAEMON Tools or Windows Explorer.You can add, replace, delete files that image contains. Don't forget about support of various image types.Creat, edit, manage and burn imagens with only one powerful application - DAEMON Tools Pro!

Use full DAEMON Tools Pro functionality: create images using preset profiles, make necessary changes to image data if needed, compress data, split image files, protect your image information, burn to CD/DVD, emulate not only CD/DVD but also HD DVD and Blu-ray drives.Plus get even more virtual CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray drives. With DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced you have ability to create 32 virtual devices.

Only DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced has a special feature for advanced users — possibility to emulate not only SCSI but also IDE virtual devices.If all English letters are already assigned to devices and there is no free one left then you can still create virtual devices but without letters. With DAEMON Tools Pro it is possible!

But if your drive doesn’t have a letter you won’t see it in My Computer. How to get mounted image data on such drive then? DAEMON Tools Pro lets you assign folder to virtual drive and then access your virtual disc data opening this assigned folder in My Computer.

Do you have collection of different disc images types where each has some specificity? Can’t you protect some images due to their format restrictions? Do you want all images in catalog to have a single format? — Convert your image files to Media Descriptor format (*.mds/*.mdf files). It is DAEMON Tools native format and supports all DT Pro functionality. Feel free to use variety of tools and possibilities with MDS/MDF format for disc images.


Photo To Cartoon 4.0.8 Full

make some programs to edit picture, they can make funny photos for you. such as sketch, colorsketch, cartoon, or other effects for photo.
Photo To Cartoon v4.08
• Make funny and amazing cartoons.
• You can create personalized cartoons of your friends, family or famous people.
• Add a sketch effect to a cartoon photo.
• Make outline for photo, trace the original photo and freehand drawing , just like rubbing.
• Making cartoons is simple




Windows XP Genuine Maker Registry

Windows XP Genuine Maker Registry (No Patch or Cr@ck)


NO CHANCE OF VIRUS OR ANYTHING. Also works on SP 3 and PE Editions.

Download and double-click on the reg file. That's all there is to it



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